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Baby, this love
I'll never let it die
Can't be touched by no one,
I'd like to see him try
I'm a mad man for your touch
Girl, I've lost control
I'm gonna make this last forever
Don't tell me it's impossible
Chorus: (2x)
'Cause I love you for infinity
I love you for infinity
Oh darling, my soul
You know it aches for your's
And you've been filling this hole
Since you were born
'Cause you're the reason I believe in fate
You're my paradise
And I'll do anything to be your love
Or be your sacrifice
[Chorus] (2x)
Meet me at the bottom of the ocean
Where the time is frozen
Where all the universe is open
Love isn't random, we are chosen
And we could wear the same crown
Keep slowing your heart down
We are the gods now
[Chorus] (2x)

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Depuis l'automne

Une chanson pour ici
Pour nous dire qu'on a refroidi
Une chanson en souvenir
Du temps qu'on voulait détruire
Un accord qui nous donne
Ce qu'on attend depuis l'automne
Quand y'a plus rien à personne
Une chanson juste pour toi
Juste pour me dire grouille-toi
Une chanson pour m'haïr
Parce que j'ai plus rien à dire
Rien à dire cet automne
Quand il serait temps qu'on frissonne
Parce qu'y a plus rien à personne
On voulait chanter dans la rue
Pour être moins perdus
Puis c'est la rue qu'on a perdue
Une chanson par ici
On n'a de besoin ces temps-ci
Une chanson à retenir
Comme on retient nos désirs
Va falloir qu'elle soit bonne
Si on veut passer l'automne
Sans que rien ne manque à personne
Une chanson d'un parti
Qui fait plus partie d'ici
Une chanson pour repartir
Loin du grand musée de cire
Excuse-moi de casser ton fun
Mais je me cherche une rime pour automne
Qui rime à rien ni à personne
Depuis que je sais ma terre est à moi
L'autre y est en calvaire
Eh ! calvaire, on va s'enterrer
Si c'est un rêve, réveille-moi donc
Ça va être notre tour, ça sera pas long
Reste par icitte parce que ça s'en vient

Alee Alee Oxen Free

Alee Alee Oxen Free,
Come and run on home with me.
Just be nimble and be quick
We're gonna jump the candlestick.
Hold me close and hold me tight
Ain't no bears out tonight
Kick the can and run with me
Alee Alee Oxen Free
[Verse 1]
Hey, little girl
staring down at me
from your window
can't you see
it's gonna be a groovy day
Why don't you come out and play
come around and round some more
[Verse 2]
Hey, little girl,
don't be afraid
this little game
for you it's made
It's gonna be just you and me
no one in the world could see
come around and round some more
[Chorus x2]


Her heart beats fast,
Out of sheer pain inside,
Her face is left bruised,
Just from speaking her mind,
She keeps the lights low,
'Coz the neighbors all know,
There's a husband next door,
Who's creating a widow,
His first name is Russel,
And his best friend's the bottle,
He's a middle class man,
With a hate for his father,
And her name is Marcy,
And she's such a darling,
She wears her black eyes,
Instead of fine jewelry,
But she still loves him.
La-Di-Da-Di-Da-Di-Da-Di-Da [x2]
A little girl stands on the outskirts of town,
She makes beautiful noise,
But sticks to her frown,
There's nothing around here,
That's worth fighting for,
She drinks till she's quiet,
And falls to the floor,
She's sorry she stands there,
And regrets her birth,
She's eager for love,
But lacking of worth,
The skies scream, 'I hate you',
And the clouds bleed of shame,
She sits there for hours,
Playing the same song again,
And no one listens
La-Di-Da-Di-Da-Di-Da-Di-Da [x4]


[Verse 1]
I've been seeing angels
In my living room
That have walked the sun
And have slept on the moon
Covered in the fragrance
Of their own perfume
Telling me the stories
Stories coming true
Well you see these angels
These angels see the light
Yeah I had my troubles
Troubles, all right
I've been seeing angels
Oh no
[Verse 2]
They'll hold onto their secrets
And torn up memories
We float above horizons
And sail across the seas
I hope for better days
And lightly times are tough
The angels give me strength
And I'm not giving up
So I wipe away my tears
I unveil my pain
They're brushing off my shoulders
And I hold on to their stain
I've been seeing angels
Angels, ayy